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7 Tips to Hire Best Conference Equipment

To hire best conference equipment, you must conduct thorough research.

If you are running an educational institution or a company, conducting seminars, webinars and events has become common. You particular need technical equipment like projectors, microphones etc. for conducting a successful event.

Thus, for a successful event to take place, you do not want any technical glitches.

Are you an institution in Elstree wanting to conduct a seminar or an event? Do you want tips for conference equipment hire in Elstree?

Read the following tips to understand the process of hiring the best equipment to conduct

Top tips to Hire Best Conference Equipment

Follow these tips for conference equipment hire in Elstree:

Tip 1 Assess the Quality of the Equipment

Research and read about insights on conference equipment. Read testimonials and reviews of the service providers.

This is because checking the quality of the equipment is essential. An in-depth research will provide you with the option of understanding the standard technical benchmarks which must be followed.

Ensure about the functioning of the equipment that you are hiring.

Tip 2 Opt For a Reliable Service

You do not want to disrupt your event with any uncalled technical issues. Thus, it is essential that you hire best conference equipment from a trusted company.

Ensure that your service provider is experienced in the industry. Based on their experience, they will have a clear idea on conferencing and its requirement.

Tip 3 Check the Display Resolution of the Projectors:

Projectors are an essential requirement for conducting a successful event. They primarily help in seamless communication among the participants present at the conference.

If you want your participants to experience an HD view, ensure that your service provider offers you a high-pixel projector. The pixel count must range from 1280 x 720 to 1920 x 1080 pixels.

You will most probably hire a commercial projector. Assess the display of graphic images and PowerPoint slides through the projector.

Check for the lumen output of the projector screen. Now, you must be wondering what is lumen output?

It is the measurement of brightness. The projector must have an output of 2500 lumens.

Tip 4 Assess the Specifications of the Projector Screens:

A good projector screen must have a smooth and color-neutral surface. It will ensure a, standard image quality during the conference.

Make sure that the size of the projector screen is large for attaining a well-saturated image that will keep the participants engaged for a long time.

The ideal size of the screen must be 100 inches with a ratio of 16:9 and embedded with a minimal shift of color.

Tip 5 Microphone and Speaker

To hire the best conference equipment, you have to be aware of microphone specifications as well. So, before hiring a microphone from your service provider, check for the frequency response, the maximum pressure level of the sound, and sensitivity.

In addition to the microphone, you must also look for these qualities in a speaker. Considering the above specifications, the speaker should be audible enough for all the participants present in the meeting.

Tip 6 Check Whether They Are Providing All Round Services:

Setting up a seminar and event by considering the technical requirements is a little daunting.

Therefore, it is essential that your service provider offers a hand in organizing the whole event. Right from setting the technical devices like the microphones, and projector speakers to checking their technical status as well.

Make sure that they help you in transporting the equipment as well.

Tip 7 Consider the Cost and then Hire the Best Conference Equipment:

Checking the cost before hiring equipment for your conference is essential. Companies providing this service have different pricing models.

Check whether the cost matches the quality of equipment they are providing. Conduct a cost analysis by comparing the pricing models of different service providers in Elstree.

Thus, consider the above tips to hire the best conference equipment.

Bonus Added Tips to Hire Best Conference Equipment

Following are some bonus tips for conference equipment hire in Elstree:

 Check the quality of the LCD’s and LED’s that is being provided by your service provider.
 Having standard video walls for the conference
 Availability of the required accessories for a successful conference presentation like presentation remote, wireless microphone, VGA Adapter, Mini Wireless Keyboard,
Presentation Timer, Smartpen, etc.

Now, if you ensure the availability of the above requirements before conducting the presentation, you are bound to end up with a successful event at all costs.


Before choosing the best equipment, you have to make sure whether you are conducting an online or physical conference.

In the case of online video conferences, check for the pricing models of the service providers. Also, check for the type of connection they are providing.

In any of the above cases, take up trials.

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